Medical Negligence OVERVIEW

If you are severely injured due to a mistake made by a doctor, hospital or other health care provider, you may have a right to bring an action for recovery of those injuries.  Health care providers are held to a professional standard of care that requires them to do their jobs in a safe and careful manner.  The exact requirements can vary from provider to provider and differ among medical specialties.  However, all of them are still required to act with reasonable care.  It is important to get with an attorney early on in the process to know whether or not you should preserve critical evidence.  Many times, if a doctor makes a mistake, he or she will be honest and open about it, and it is possible to work out a result early on.  However, unfortunately, in the vast majority of the cases, there may not be any acknowledgement that the doctor made a mistake and critical evidence could disappear without being adequately preserved or documented.  Like other injury cases, you have up to two years to file a claim against a health care provider.  However, it is often beneficial to review your claim much sooner than that.  If the health care provider’s mistake causes serious injury, then there will be several steps necessary to take, including gathering up all your medical records, possibly obtaining an independent opinion as to whether there is negligence, and then identifying what injuries and damages were caused by the negligent act.

These types of cases are usually handled on a contingency basis, and your attorney will discuss that with you in detail.  If you feel you have a medical negligence case, please contact Stanley L. Rosenblatt or one of the other lawyers to answer your questions.


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