The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 818 bicycle fatalities in 2015 up a staggering 12.2% over the previous year. Additionally, there were 45,000 people injured in bicycling traffic crashes.  The number of bicycles on the road is increasing as more of us choose to use bicycles for both exercise as well as transportation. As cyclists we understand there are dangers in “Sharing the Road” as not all drivers understand our right to use the road. Distracted drivers pose the largest danger to cyclists, whether it is not seeing the bike in their blind spot, passing too close and sideswiping a rider, opening a door without checking the rearview mirror, rolling through a stop sign, pulling out of driveways, driving while texting or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The reality is there are a lot of drivers of cars and trucks that simply don’t pay attention to their surroundings, putting those of us who ride at a dangerous disadvantage.

Complicating matters is the fact that Indiana Bicycle Laws are confusing and sometimes they may seem to be at odds with moving vehicle laws. At TCRJ Law, we will help eliminate confusion and assist injured cyclists with claims and settlements.

Depending on the individual insurance policy, homeowners insurance and auto insurance may extend to your bicycle. Sometimes even seasoned agents don’t know this coverage exists and you could possibly get a “no it isn’t covered” when it actually could be.

If you sustained a personal injury in a bicycling accident and are about to deal with an insurance company, consult with a TCRJ attorney first. The reality is insurance companies want to settle for the smallest amount they can get away with, possibly leaving you with unpaid bills, loss of time at work or future medical expenses without compensation. This can be a very stressful time, so let us help you through it.

Our experience at TCRJ Law comes into play with every case, with those involving cyclists our experience on the road gives you something else-an understanding of your situation.

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