We are incredibly thankful to be a part of four great communities in Northeast Indiana & we love Halloween so we wanted to share the trick or treat hours and tips with you, our neighbors.

Trick or Treat Dates & Hours
Fort Wayne: October 31 6pm – 8pm
Monroeville: October 31 4pm – 7pm
Downtown Garrett: October 31 4pm – 5pm
Citywide Garrett: October 31 5pm – 7pm
Decatur: October 31 6pm – 8pm

Trick or Treat Safety Tips/Rule

  • Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight
  • Travel in groups comprised of at least one adult
  • Refrain from consuming treats until inspected by an adult
  • Only cross streets at the crosswalks
  • Do not wear costumes that obsure your vision
  • Do not enter a strangers home
  • Be prepared for adverse weather conditions.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!