As winter approaches, we all know what risks weather brings to Northeast Indiana. If you’re in an accident, we can help. However, we much prefer that you avoid those accidents with the following safety tips:

  1. When weather is bad or threatened, leave early for your destination so that you don’t have to rush.
  2. When the roads are wet, snow-covered or icy, remember to slow down and leave more time for braking.
  3. Unfortunately, if you are in an accident, call the police to document the events.
  4. Generally, you don’t want to talk to the other driver, especially not to admit that you were at fault. Let the police sort things out.
  5. If you have a cell phone, it’s ok to take pictures of how the cars ended up.
  6. At Tourkow, Crell, Rosenblatt & Johnston, LLP we also have a complimentary pamphlet for you to put in your glove box should you find yourself in an accident any time of the year. Often right after an accident it is difficult to remember all of the information you need, and with this in your glove box, it will help you to remember the important things. Call us at 260-426-0545 or stop by the office for yours today.
  7. Lastly, unfortunately, if you are in an accident, call us. We can help.

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