Stanley L. Rosenblatt, TCJR partner and primary staff attorney for the Monroeville office, took a bold step recently to get our community’s attention regarding prostate cancer. Stan, who 7 years ago was diagnosed with prostate cancer, knows first hand the importance of having your PSA levels checked.  “I was like a lot of men, I had no real symptoms so I saw no reason to start PSA tests once I reached 50,” Stan says. “It’s a simple blood test but can be life changing.”

Before the procedure, Stan had never been in the hospital and had never been sick.  This came as a big surprise to him and his family.  As a result, he’s chosen to take the bold step in participating in the Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana’s campaign, titled Men’s Cancer Prevention: The Naked Truth About Cancer, wearing a blue tie and little else. When asked why he took such a bold step, Stan replied, “If I can help one person go earlier for their PSA it was worthwhile.”

Stan’s received “thumbs up” from everyone who’s recognizes him in the ad campaign that includes local magazines and billboards. He decided to let it be a complete surprise to family and colleagues by not telling them he was participating, admitting he’s had fun watching their reactions.

Stan says the experience helped him evaluate and express what people who have been injured go through, making him emotionally attuned to what he does.  Stan’s areas of practice include Auto Accidents/Personal InjuryMedical MalpracticeNursing Home Negligence, and Wills, Estates and Trusts.

Asking lots of questions during a visit to your doctor and being an advocate for your own healthcare is what Stan wants everyone to take away from his experience in addition to early PSA testing. He’s also quick to encourage women to talk to the men in their lives about getting tested.  “Women can make a difference in this,” he says. “They can encourage men to see their doctors and get tested.”

Call your doctor today to schedule this simple blood test and discuss cancer prevention.  For more information on the Men’s Cancer Prevention program, visit the Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana website, call their offices toll free at 866.484.9560, or visit their office at 6316 Mutual Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825