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Adoption is one area of the practice of law that most clients find to involve a very positive interaction with an attorney – and a good reason to have one! There is no doubt that the opportunity to add to the family through adoption is one of the most cherished times in life. Whether it is a step-parent adoption, a third party adoption or consulting on the effects of an adoption, it is important to understand the varied and complex rights of all parties involved. It is important to have proper guidance through all of the steps of not only the technical court proceedings, but the decisions leading up to that and implementing related strategies afterward, such as adjusting estate plans, related family law cases, and other matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a biological parent’s consent to an adoption mandatory?

Not necessarily. Indiana statute alleviates the need to obtain the consent of a biological parent in certain circumstances. For instance, non-payment of child support for a period exceeding one year or lack of contact with a child for a period exceeding one year can sometimes mean you can adopt without a biological parent’s consent.

What to bring to your first appointment

  1. Birth certificate of child, biological parents and adopting parent
  2. Name and address of biological parent whose parental rights are being terminated

Forms to fill out for your first appointment

  1. Adoption Intake Form
  2. Adoption Medical History Form