Lisa Lynch is a vital member of the TCRJ Law family.  As office manager, Lisa keeps our firm organized and on track.  It’s a big job and probably one that often feels like herding cats.  What makes her great at keeping our office humming? We decided to ask her a few questions so that you could get to know how great she is too.

Lisa & family set out for a day of fun on a recent cruise

Lisa & family set out for a day of fun on a recent cruise

Lisa is a native to NE Indiana and went to Ivy TECH.  She loves working with people and finding solutions which makes her well suited for her role here at TCRJ, her professional home since 1997.  When she’s not at work, you can find her shopping for antiques at area auctions.  We also asked a few questions for fun that gave us all a little insight into Lisa’s personality.

Where are you from? New Haven, IN

Where did you attend college? Ivy Tech

Favorite Superhero? Underdog

Favorite holiday? Halloween-No rules-Just fun.

1st Live concert you ever saw? Ted Nugent and ACDC

Where do you hope to travel to some day? Prague

Grilled Cheese or Cheese Toasty?  Cheese Toasty

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Paper or Plastic?  Paper

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Sand or Snow? Sand

Mac or PC? PC

If you were in a talent show, what would your talent be? Back Up Singer

Favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate Almond

All time favorite album? Bob Seger Live Bullet

Favorite Local restaurant? Cebollas