campbellLegal Assistant/Secretary, Gail Campbell has been a member of the TCRJ family since 1998.  Gail works with managing partner Doug Johnston where together they keep us heading in the right direction.  When Gail was a child, she wanted to channel her passion for animals into a profession as a veterinarian.  We’re sure glad she chose law instead! Here’s a little more insight into Gail and what makes her tick.

Where are you from? Fort Wayne, IN

What are you currently reading?  Rescue by Anita Shreve

Favorite hobby? Exercising, knitting, reading, and playing with my dog.

What can’t you live without? Family

Favorite holiday? Christmas-love the smell of pine and the excitement in the air!

Favorite Superhero? Superman

Grilled Cheese or Cheese Toasty? Cheese Toasty-for sure!

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

1st Live concert you ever saw? Nickelback

All time favorite album? Anything U2

Where do you hope to travel to some day? Hawaii

Paper or Plastic?  Plastic, so I can reuse them

Sand or Snow? Sand

Favorite Ice Cream? Oreo

Favorite childhood TV Show? The Brady Bunch

Favorite local restaurant? Granite City