The Affordable Care Act did not “roll out” as smoothly as the government had anticipated.  There are still people without insurance.  Indiana did not join the Federal Exchange.  Problems arise in divorce situations when one spouse loses their health insurance previously carried through their former spouse’s employer.  What do you do if you do not have insurance?

Federal Law allows a former spouse to exercise their COBRA rights and continue the insurance coverage they had with their ex-spouse’s employer, but they must pay the cost of such insurance, which premium may be unaffordable.  For those that cannot afford COBRA premiums, insurance may be available through Medicaid, Medicare or Healthy Indiana if you qualify.  The main web sites to enroll are www.healthyindianaplan.org for Indiana plans and www.Healthcare.gov for the Federal Plan.  Many people will not qualify for any government sponsored plans.  There is an organization that can help with this maize of health care.  Feel free to contact Delibera (Dee) Scott at Northeast Outreach Consultant Indiana Wellness, LLC at deliberascott@gmail.com or at (260) 410-9186 or at MDwise.org.  One-on-one information and consulting are available at no cost to you.  The conference can be in person, via telephone or by internet, and is free.  No, I do not have any connection with this organization.

Those without insurance can negotiate with each healthcare provider – doctor, hospitals, etc. – to get a lower price than full list price.  How do you know what a fair price is for medical care or tests?  A place to start is healthcarebluebook.com to find out what the typical in-network price is in your area.  Then see if your provider will match this price.  You have nothing to lose by asking.  At the worst, they can say no.  At the best, the lowest cost rate is possible.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and negotiate.