About Us

Tourkow, Crell, Rosenblatt & Johnston, LLP is a general practice firm headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. All of our attorneys are members of the Indiana State Bar Association and the Allen County Bar Association. The firm practices in all area, state and federal courts and the firm has existed since the 1950’s in various forms.

The firm’s mission is to provide quality legal service to Northeastern Indiana. It has always felt a commitment to the Midwestern philosophies and attitudes, serving families and businesses with integrity and common sense. The firm has always conducted a general practice of law, and represents the needs of those families and businesses across the board, whether it is a personal injury from an accident, a will for the family, estate succession, business needs, personal difficulties of subsequent generations or virtually any other legal need. Additionally, the firm maintains a strong network of referral sources should that become necessary.

The firm’s bottom line has always been to provide quality legal service, through its own members, and if necessary through referrals to trusted counterparts.

It is considered an honor by all of the attorneys to serve your legal needs and our attorneys take that pledge to heart and endeavor to fulfill those goals with each and every client.

Please contact us with any of your legal needs, both now and in the future.